By Buckeye Dermatology
April 29, 2015
Category: Dermatology
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Your Central Ohio dermatologists at Buckeye Dermatology dispel the most common myths surrounding chemical peels.

If you are looking for dermatologists in the Columbus, Ohio area to give you the facts about chemical peels, then look no further. Chemical PeelWe are happy to separate fact from fiction when it comes to this popular cosmetic treatment. Before you opt for a chemical peel, find out how much you truly know about this procedure by finding out more about the myths that surround it.

Myth: Chemical peels require extensive recovery time.

Fact: While you may experience some stinging, redness, and sensitivity after your peel, keep in mind that these symptoms are minor and often go away in a day or two. We may restrict some more exertive activities until you are feeling better; however, remember that the length of your recovery will also depend on the type of strength of your chemical peel. Not all chemical peels are created equally. Therefore, if you opt for a gentler alpha hydroxy or glycolic acid peel, you will deal with virtually no recovery period.

Myth: Chemical peels are only for those with dermatological issues.

Fact: While there are certain chemical peels recommended to treat acne scars, hyperpigmentation and sun spots, chemical peels can also be a great option for someone just looking to get a more radiant glow. Therefore, chemical peels are really for anyone who wants to improve the overall appearance of their skin.

Myth: Getting a chemical peel takes a long time.

Fact: What can keep patients from making the dermatological appointment they want or need is time. It might seem that any trip to the doctor’s office may take a while, and if you are on a tight schedule, you may find it hard to schedule your next visit. However, time won’t get in the way of a chemical peel. Most chemical peels won’t take much longer than 20 minutes. Again, the strength and type of peel you opt for will determine how long your treatment will take.

If you are interested in getting a more youthful appearance with a chemical peel, then schedule an appointment with your Central Ohio dermatologists at Buckeye Dermatology with locations in Dublin, Grove City, and Springfield, Ohio. Our team of dedicated dermatologists are experienced, knowledgeable, and the best choice for Columbus, Ohio area residents.